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What is a Clean Water Kiosk?

Waterkiosks for clean drinking water

In the western hemisphere, a kiosk is usually considered as a convenient way to purchase sweets, newspapers, cold drinks and in some countries even cigarettes.

But what is a Clean Water Kiosk in an emerging country?

In many countries women and children spend hours each day to source drinkable water, not always successful. They are forced everyday again to find new sources and wells to access water, often with no guarantee that the water is actually safe for human consumption.

A Clean Water Kiosks produces clean potable water locally and sells it at a very low price and bottled to the local population. The price charged is much lower than alternative water provision measures often seen in slums across emerging countries, such as water sold via tank trucks and similar schemes, thus freeing for the local population substantial amounts of money for other essential needs.  

The Clean Water Kiosk not only provides affordable water to the local population, it also creates jobs and a livelihood for a few people from the local population. This approach creates sustainable self-sufficient supply of clean potable water and doesnīt require any future donations. People are keen to take care of their own matters, the Clean Water Association enable them to accomplish just that.

Clean Water Kiosks summary:

- They provide the population with clean and safe potable water and thereby prevent diseases
- They free financial resources to be spent on other essential needs
- Substantial time savings are accomplished each day, especially for girls and woman, thus freeing time for education or economic development
- Once installed they are self-sufficient and donīt require further donations
- They provide jobs and income to the local community

Current projects of the Clean Water Association:

Waterkiosk Philippines

Waterkiosk India

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