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Clean Water Kiosk India

The drinking water situation in India

Asia remains the region worldwide where most of the people without access to clean potable water and unsanitary conditions live.

In China and India alone the sewage of more than 1.5 billion people flows unfiltered into the environment. In addition, the risk of groundwater contamination with arsenic and fluoride in several countries - particularly in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan – is a danger to the health of 50 million people.

Generally the rural population is worse off than the population of cities. 90 percent of the world's one billion people who do not have sufficient access to clean water live in rural areas. Of the 2.6 billion people who have to live without sanitation, two billion people live in rural areas.

The health risk posed by the lack of sewages systems, however, is much higher in the growing slums in large urban cities. Half of all urban residents in emerging countries live in such slums. It is time to act. (Data source: UNICEF)

Clean Water Kiosk India - Status

The Clean Water Association is currently planning two more Clean Water Kiosk´s projects in India as pilot projects. The two projects will be used as a blue print for more Clean Water Kiosk projects in India and Sri Lanka.

Clean Water
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