Clean Water - What we want to achieve


What we want to achieve

Our aims

The Clean Water Association, a charity organisation under German law, aims to promote the safe water supply in regions and locations where access to clean potable water is not provided.

In such regions, especially in emerging countries, this aim is pursued by measures, which focus on social as well as ecological sustainability when implemented. These measures include:

- Self-empowerment of local populations and communities to improve clean water supply

- Fast and easy provision of potable water supply in disaster areas

- Enabling production of potable water from contaminated raw water resources

- Storage and distribution facilities of clean potable water

- Identification of water sources that can be used and processed into potable water

- General improvement water quality

- Cooperation with other NGOs in the field of water and health related projects, including education to promote better practices in order to improve the health of local populations

In addition information and education events will take place to educate and promote on:

- The problem of global water scarcity and the resulting problems like the spread of diseases, poverty and how it affects socio-economic development in these regions

- Education on sustainable water consumption, avoidance of water pollution, optimization of water treatment and water storage

- Education on how contaminated water affects health and how to take preventive measures

- Education and information on new water technologies, e.g. water production, water treatment and water storage

- Education on innovative business models for potable water supply such as microfinance structures

Get involved now!

Please support our water projects and contribute to urgently needed access to clean potable water in India and the Philippines.

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Clean Water
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